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Are you bothered by unseen spirits? Are you feeling depressed, anxious, isolated?  Do you tell people that there is something invisible bothering you, and they react like you are crazy?

 My team has over 40 years of combined experience in the field of the supernatural.  If you feel you want spiritual entities GONE, or you would like a house blessing or exorcism, please Contact Us.  We have helped 1000's of people, and we can help you too!

Jeffrey Checker is an ordained minister, and has seen many supernatural events. He too was once bothered by evil entities, until God set him free.  Let Jeffrey and his team help you too!


Please consider donating to our ministry.  We are missionaries, in a world gone bad.  We use these funds to provide fuel for our vehicle, food and lodging, and anything necessary in order to get our team to our clients.  We cannot do this without your support.

Please consider donating $20 a month.  This money will be used to further God's kingdom, and help those oppressed by evil.  

Thank you!

                              Please consider checking out 2 books written by the team Director, Jeffrey Checker. 

                          "A Trial by Fire", and "Paranormal Myth's and Mysteries", both available on Amazon.


Myths and Mysteries


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